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Hurworth Tree


Hurworth Tree is a community-based wood carving project that aims to bring together residents to collaborate on creating large scale wood sculptures that reflect the identity and stories of the community.

Funded by Hurworth Parish Council and County Durham Community Foundation, Arts and Culture Grant.

The Covid pandemic highlighted the importance of open access to community green spaces as places for a range of activities such as exercise, play, dog walking, sports or simply relaxing outdoors. During the lockdown periods the grounds of the community centre were a valuable resource for local people and were well used. 

An unexpected outcome of this increase in use was the emergence of a spontaneous discovery trail along the pathways and wooded areas in the grounds, visitors began to leave painted stones and tiny makeshift doors and doorways, for other people to find and add to. 

This project seeks to build on this idea of discovering artworks in outdoor spaces and is a celebration of the architecture of the historic building which was reflected in the impromptu trail that local people started.

Young people from local schools and their teachers took part in craft skills workshops, they created their own small plaques to take home before working on large scale oak panels, sited in the museum courtyard.

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